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Popular and Successful Blogging Niches

Unlike a few years ago, making some serious money online is a very realistic prospect today. In fact, a lot of bloggers are ditching their 9 to 5’s in favor of online-earning opportunities, and using their blogs as their sole source of income and livelihood.

If you’re also one of those who aspire to make money via blogging, it is essential to be able to identify and choose a profitable niche – a niche that interests you, a niche that you will be able to produce content for, and a niche that allows you to earn a buck or two.

For this purpose, the said niche should be popular, and should have the potential to attract a large audience. There should be a sizeable amount of people interested in it, and willing to read up on your blog or buy what you have on offer.

Here is a list of 8 of the most popular, profitable blogging niches out there (plus honorable mentions that didn’t make the list), that are certain to get a large amount of traffic. Mind you, the competition will be stiff for each one of these (which is why they’re so popular), so good luck!

8.  Video Games

The video gaming industry has been on a steady rise since a good part of the decade now. Gaming consoles (Xbox and the PlayStation) sales have been on the rise, but most notably, video game sales have increased by tenfold during these years, despite the fact that piracy continues to plague this industry more than ever.

According to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, the term ‘video games’ currently gets 6.12 million global monthly searches.

So since the video gaming niche is very popular, it is then quite understandable that websites catering this niche are some of the most profitable ones! As the number of video gamers and gaming enthusiasts grows, everyone wants to know about the latest game releases, read reviews, look up cheats, and the like.

Popular blogs in this niche include IGN and GameSpot.

7. Movies

The keyword movies gets a massive 506 million global monthly search queries! That is a massive number, which makes movies one of the most popular and profitable niches on the internet.

Like the video gaming industry, search queries for the keyword ‘movies’ and other related keywords have been on the up as well, which means that it is another popular blogging niche, which will probably continue to reach even higher numbers in the future.

Popular blogs in this niche include The Guardian Movies Blog, Yahoo Movies, Rotten Tomatoes, and of course, IMDB.

6. Celebrities

Human beings have a natural want or an urge to know and read about other human beings. This is one of the reasons why celebrity and celebrity gossip blogs tend to be extremely popular.

Everyone seems to like reading about the interesting lives of celebrities. 

Despite the fact that keywords such as celebrity and celebrity gossip have seen a decline in interest recently (according to Google Trends), the keyword ‘celebrity’ for instance, gets 20.4 million global monthly searches, while other keywords such as celebrity gossip, celebrity photos/videos, and celebrity news also tend to do quite well.

Writing about celebrities is also interesting, requires no qualifications as such, and all that is required is an interest in the entertainment sector.

Popular blogs include the likes of TMZ, PerezHilton, and EW.

5. Pets

The pets keyword gets 13.6 million global monthly queries on Google. However some of the other keywords in this niche, such as dogs (almost 46m queries), pet (37.2m), and puppies and puppy (16m) easily outnumber it.

And while it might be quite a popular niche, the competition, according to the Google Keywords Tool, is quite stiff for most of these keywords.

Nonetheless, it is a big niche and there is a genuine interest in this niche, evident by the amount of search queries that some of those keywords get, as well as this ProBlogger article. Google Trends backs this up as it shows that there has been a rise in the interest/search volume in this niche in the recent few years, even if it’s been very little.

Here is a list of some of the popular pet blogs out there.

4. Health and Weight Loss

Ask yourself this: how many times have you Google’d up a health-related problem or an issue – major or minor, before going to the doctor? Did you even go to the doc’s or were you able to find the answers on a website you found off of Google?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the health niche (83.1m monthly searches) and it’s many sub-niches also get tons of search queries. But what surprised me was that according to Google Trends, the number of search volume has actually been on a steady decline!

Nonetheless, it remains a popular niche, with new blogs and websites popping up every day and some reaching unprecedented levels of success as well. Here is a list of 9 profitable health niches.

Fitness and weight loss are two big sub-niches in the health category. Fitness, for instance gets 37m monthly queries, and the number has also been on the rise. Weight loss gets, 11.1m, according to the AdWords Keyword Tool, and related keywords like diet (30m) are pretty popular as well. Mind you, these number have seen a pretty healthy growth in the last 3 or 4 years.

(Word of advice: Do not venture into this niche if you’re not a qualified doctor or a health professional, and know what you’re talking about).

3. Relationships and Online Dating

Relationships and online dating niches have keywords that are quite popular – ‘single’ (68m queries!), dating (20m), friend (55m), marriage (24m), date (83m!!), to name just a few of them.

People mostly turn to the internet to seek relationship advice, meet other singles, find answers to common relationship problems, improve their relationships, etc. Blogs operating in this niche hence usually tend to get a large amount of traffic.

As more and more singles turn to the internet to seek relationship advice and turn to online dating, now would be the perfect time to look to venture into this niche.

Popular online dating portals include OkCupid, POF, EHarmony and Match.com, while there are tons of relationship advice blogs on the internet as well.

2. Technology

Technology is a big niche, and it includes a lot of popular related ‘sub’ niches as well, which could very well be separate niches on their own. I’m talking about stuff like phones (Android, Apple, iOS, tablets, iPhones and iPads, etc.), video games, computers and PCs (windows, Macs, Intel, Microsoft, etc.)… you get the idea.

Technology blogs that cover a wide range of topics hence tend to do pretty well too. Some of the popular keywords in this niche – all of which have experienced a monumental rise in search volume and a fair bit of success over the last few years – include apple, android, windows, iPhone and iPad to name only a few.

It would be a good idea to check what some of the popular keywords are which fall under the technology domain. Having said that, technology-blogs can be goldmines, and success is as good as guaranteed with this niche.

Popular tech blogs include Engagdget, Cnet, TechCrunch, Technorati, Redmond Pie, and Gizmodo.

1. Blogging Tips and Making Money Online

Blogging tips, internet marketing, and making money online (plus other related sub-niches and keywords) are some of the keywords that have recently gained a lot of popularity all across the world.

Despite the fact that these keywords don’t get as much monthly search traffic as some of the other niches mentioned in this article, the numbers for all of these keywords shows a rising and a pretty encouraging trend.

As the trend of earning money online and earning through blogging goes up, and as more and more people strive to earn from home and gain financial independence rises, this niche will continue to thrive. New bloggers want to learn from their successful and experienced peers. A lot of people in this niche are look for help, tips and tricks, while the others are using their blogs to provide these.

In short, everyone wants to (and is looking for easy ways to) make money online. If this is your area of expertise, you should certainly look into providing your users with information, tips, help and suggestions on this.

Mind you, this niche is quite vast, and does require the writer/blogger to have a certain amount of knowledge about web development, web designing, programming and the like, in order to attain credibility in the eyes of the readers.

Lastly, this niche includes social media as one of it’s sub-niches, so it is essential to have an ample amount of knowledge about social media/mediums, and the ability to be able to cover a wide range of social media topics.

Other profitable and popular niches (Honorable Mentions)

- Finance (financial improvement, stock markets, investment opportunities, etc)

- Photography (a very popular niche that could easily get tons of extremely targeted traffic)

- Fashion (fashion trends, fads, etc. If this is one of your interests, writing/blogging about it should be a big deal)

- Automobiles and Motoring Blogs (general car blogs are quite popular)

- Sports blogs (covering/following specific teams, a particular sport, or a wide range of sports like ESPN)

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